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The Linear mixed Models Toolbox (lmt) is a stand-alone single executable software for for large scale linear mixed model analysis.

lmt comes with an xml style parameter file which is supposed to allow for an easy understanding by the user. Further using xml comes with support for automated commenting, uncommenting, indentation, code-folding and syntax highlighting by almost every editor, thus easing to follow the structure of the parameter file even if it spans several tens of lines of code.

Conditions of use[edit]

lmt can be used by the scientific community free of charge, but users must credit lmt in any publications. Commercial users must obtain the explicit approval of the author before using lmt and must credit lmt in any publication in scientific journals.

Feedback and support[edit]

lmt comes without any guaranteed support and the user is strongly advised to study the manual thoroughly. However, the author appreciates feedback about the program functionality, possible aborts (segmentation faults), usability of output and comprehensiveness of the manual.

Supported features[edit]


Parameter file terminology[edit]

Linear mixed models in lmt[edit]

Input file formats[edit]

How to run it[edit]


Parameter file elements[edit]


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